Allah, Evil Eye Necklace
Allah, Evil Eye Necklace
Allah, Evil Eye Necklace
Allah, Evil Eye Necklace
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Allah, Evil Eye Necklace

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    Evil eye necklace to ward of any negativity.

    Nazar or The Evil Eye stares back at the world to shield you from negativity and harm.

    • Carefully packaged in clear cello bag for protection
    • Posted in a hard-back envelope to avoid damage


    • Estimated delivery time for the UK is 3 - 5 business days.

    Designed and packaged by hand in the UK.


    1. The most important way to care for your costume jewellery is to keep it away from anything that could cause the plating to react. This means soap, perfume, moisturiser, washing up liquid, anything that may contain chemicals that will tarnish the finish of the item. Many people don't even know they are causing damage to their jewellery but a spritz of perfume or hairspray can affect anything they come into contact with. Salt water and chlorine have the same effect so avoid wearing your jewellery whilst bathing and swimming!
    1. Give it a rest! Be nice to your costume jewellery and give it some time off every now and then. Costume jewellery is not designed for day in day out wear and doing so may mean that you are reducing the life and shine of your item. Your jewellery will last longer and look better if you wear it less frequently.
    1. Separate is better! Store your jewellery individually. Keep items in their boxes, or even better in soft pouches to make sure they do not react with other items. Do not leave your jewellery out and exposed as chemicals in the air such as air fresheners, or perfumes can cause jewellery to react. Piling jewellery together in a jewellery box can cause chipping, tarnishing and stone loss, so keep your items separate to make sure this does not happen.
    1. Take it off! Do not sleep in your jewellery. Your body releases chemicals from the skin overnight, especially if you have been eating anything with garlic or other strong flavours, and this can cause the plating of costume jewellery to change colour and tarnish. Stone loss, scratching and even breakage can happen overnight so think about jewellery like you would your make up and take it off before you get into bed!
    1. Softly, Softly. If you want to keep your jewellery shining bright give it a polish, softly. We would not recommend using anything other than a soft, clean cloth to keep your costume jewellery looking in tip top condition. Try not to get your jewellery wet, and never use detergents or cleaners on your items. A wipe and a gentle polish will remove anything that has got on the jewellery throughout the day and keep it from losing it' s shine.


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